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Welcome to Comptopodes! An online hub for ENGL 1151, Composition and 2152, Argument and Exposition

Yes, you are in the right place.

This weblog is an alternative to typical online university classrooms. It is more user friendly, I believe, than our university website. I have created it as a resource for your enjoyment and collegiate betterment. Please visit frequently.

To explain the name, we need to understand that it is an amalgamation of the two words “composition” and “octopodes.” Composition is a word with which I hope you are familiar since you likely are/were registered for ENGL 1151 Composition. Octopodes is simply the plural form of the word octopus. There is of course a reason for this strange analogy as it relates to online media, social networking, and the way we view knowledge. I chose the octopus as a lively metaphor because they are very adaptable, intelligent, nimble, and “polyp-ed” creatures, but mostly because they are very odd and I really like the thought of one sitting at a desk with a quill (hence the bad graphics at the top of the page). The comptopus (that’s you or me) has many connections and many fingers (tentacles in this case) in many different social and academic cookie jars. These “cookie jars” are really just the discourse communities of which we are a part. These communities shape our thinking, communication, and worldviews. Together, as a heap of individuals who are independently networked to other individuals who are networked to other individuals, we create a very interesting way of looking at knowledge and an all access pass to infinite varieties and flavors of cookies (truths). I believe that writing is a way of hashing-out, categorizing, sharing, and shaping what we know and what we will come to know through the discourse of many. The way we will have this discourse in our class will be predominantly through written composition.

How to use Comptopodes…

Look to the top of this page. See the tabs? Those link you to course resources such as the syllabus, daily agenda’s, links to readings, links to writing resources, as well as information about New Media. I will do my best to keep this weblog updated and current. If it starts to lag behind, gentle reminders in class would be very much appreciated.

Preview of topics that will be covered in Composition: